Screened Enclosures

Protecting your outdoor areas with professionally installed screens can keep bugs and wildlife out of your relaxation areas

In addition to our gutters, soffit and fascia products, GutterWorks can help you take control of areas exposed to the outdoors—creating a simple and effective barrier in the form of a screened area or screened enclosures. Whether you have a back porch or front porch, or perhaps a lanai or pool area, we can create a screened enclosures environment to help you enjoy it to the max.

Screened outdoor rooms are a growing trend in Central Florida. In recent years, people are choosing to stay home and enjoy their backyards for barbecues and friendly gatherings—but nothing puts a hamper on your party like mosquitoes, wasps, or the occasional food-stealing squirrel. 

A screened enclosures areas is where most of us go at the end of a workday to relax, spend time with family, and eat and drink with friends—but no one likes bugs or land-crawling critters joining the festivities. After all, this is where you want to spend time without worrying about the world out there. 

GutterWorks can install a custom-made screen to cover, protect, and enhance your home for increased enjoyment. If you own a business—such as a restaurant or café—a screened area can result in increased revenue with patrons enjoying a pleasant meal or drink without having to wave off mosquitoes or flies.

Screened Enclosures

We are focused on ensuring your satisfaction

Realtors and their clients also love a screened enclosures in a home for sale. Not only do they see more value in a home with a good screened lanai or front porch—appraisers will notice it too and are likely to take this into account when doing a professional valuation of the property.

At GutterWorks, we are focused on ensuring your satisfaction and every screening project is done with the highest degree of quality, workmanship, and attention to detail—such as making sure every edge is tightly attached to prevent a breach by insects or animals.

Whether you want a brand-new screened room or need screen repairs to an existing screened area, the job is priced according to its dimensions—such as the size and height of the covered area—and the location of the property. Our Screened Enclosures will help you find the perfect relaxation area

Contact us today to get your screened enclosures consultation at (407) 960-9489 or send us a message with the size of your property, type of roof, and other external features to help us quote your installation project—and don’t forget, estimates are always free! Visit our Facebook and Instagram 

Screened enclosure will help you add extra room to your home