Screens & Lanais

What are Screens?

A screen is a mesh made to enclose spaces while keeping an outdoor environment alive. These screen rooms can be used for pool areas and beautiful Lanais.

Screens FAQ

How can Screens and Lanais improve my home?
Your home will look much nicer than you could have ever imagined once it’s built with a nice lanai.
If you ever decide to sell your home, whether it’s 10, 20, or 30 years down the line, having something as nice as a lanai attached to it will certainly increase its value.
There is something about a screened off lanai that is different from all the other areas of a home. If your home life is hectic and there seems to be chaos in every single room, simply go out to your lanai and relax.
What can happen if I don’t replace/maintain my screens?
A screen enclosure in the state of Florida is very important if you want to truly enjoy nature’s natural beauties, but with that comes debris, bugs, mosquitoes, and the never ending amount of Love bugs. Making sure that each screen panel is tightly fasten is very important.
What are the cost involved?
Screen repairs or Screen rooms range depending on size, height and location.

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